Sales Update: 10/9-10/16

Here’s a sale update for eBay and Poshmark 10/9-10/16:

Woolrich sweater vest for $12

Gander Mountain Fishing Vest $12.99

Yup, a big whopping two sales! The good news is that I did do a little sourcing and I have items to list this week.

So far I have 19 items listed on eBay and 24 items listed on Poshmark.



My goals for next week is to list more items. I want to list at least 5 items a day consistently. Down below is a list of my debts are they look promising but my student loans increased.


Credit cards: $491 went down by $5

Auto loan: $28,287 went down by $398

Collections: $4,573 went down by $10

Student Loans $65,505 went up by $465


For anyone that is in the process of paying down debt, “You Got This“. I know that it can be discouraging so here is a list of videos and websites that I go to when I’m feeling discouraged.

Paying Down Student Loans

Six Figures Under

Less Debt More Wine


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